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A new type of community

We are passionate about living the best possible life by using all of the tools and techniques available to us.

Whether we are trading crypto to make money quickly, anywhere there's an internet connection or we're optimising our days by starting with a morning sequence to really kick the day off to a flying start and closing it with our evening sequence to allow us to fully switch off and sleep soundly, you can be sure that if it's going to help us have the best results we will give it a try.

We know that a lot people that are interested in trading, for example, are the kind of people that would also be interested in remote working, travel, brain and life hacks, that kind of thing.

This is why we've created Nonco; it's a space to discuss, learn and experience the best solutions that exist in the following areas:

If it sounds like any of the listed areas would be interesting to you then please feel free to come and have a look around.

There is no fee to join the community and we would love to have you there to share, learn and earn with us as we all try to live the best lives we can.


The world of crypto is massively exciting and it presents a unique opportunity to make money anywhere in the world very quickly. We can teach you how and help you trade more quickly and efficiently using our trade signals and free education


Most great innovators and entrepreneurs have a solid morning routine to really turbo charge their days. We have been experimenting with a routine that wakes you up and gets you going in the shortest time possible.

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From the neuro-protective effects of exercise to the creativity inspiring and mood enhancing benefits of microdosing cubensis mushrooms, we look at all the latest science relating to brain health and how to keep your brain working for you, not against

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